An experience dedicated to those who already use VITHA in order to improve their knowledge of the products, but above all to salons that have not yet had the opportunity to use them. The course mainly revolves around the color service, interacting with the public in the diagnosis, in the choice of colors, and in the technique to be used with respect to the cut shape.

What it is: An open day dedicated to interpreting new fashion trends so that they can be easily reproduced in the salon.

Objective: To give an in-depth view of the products and educational training programs that VITHA stylists offer.

Contents: The program includes 2 fashion colors (with possible relative cut) working possibly with different series which could be: blond / brown / red, plus a job of coloring on a high percentage of white hair in order to demonstrate the power of coverage.

Who is it for: Owners and expert collaborators.

Duration: 3/4 hours (with about 20 minutes of break and it is only visual).