Path that proposes schematized, simple and fast coloring systems, which allow you to create multidimensional gradient effects. Personalized according to the shape of the cut and the morphological characteristics of the face. Course performed with step by step method. What it is: Innovative advanced coloring systems to obtain degradé, balayage and multi-chromatic effects with the use of precise and fast techniques Objective: To acquire coloring methods that are practical, fast, commercial and easily reproducible in the salon. Contents: Theoretical and practical knowledge of personalized coloring methods, study of face types, assonances and dissonances of reflections, how to correct or enhance any type of face with just the positioning of the hair color.

Who is it for: Owners and expert collaborators.

Full path: 4 steps of 1 day each (you can also join a single step).

Bringing material: bowls, brushes, clips or clothespins, hairdryers, various brushes.

Number of participants: Max 15 people