The course is a full immersion in the world of total, partial and nuanced lightening related to current trends with adjoining toning and / or neutralization, how to achieve even extreme bleaching with a method, through a reliable and safe schematized path.
Course performed with step by step method.

What it is: Lightening and toning course.

Objective: To acquire technical knowledge regarding lightening and toning.

Contents: The rules of bleaching and toning, from color washing to pickling to partial and total bleaching, diagnosis / objective, choice of bleach, oxygen, the most suitable technique and the most suitable toner to achieve the set goal.

Who is it for: Owners and expert collaborators.

Duration: 1 day.

Bringing material: bowls, brushes, clips or clothespins, gloves, foil, foil, various combs, hair dryers, various brushes.

Number of participants: Max 15 people.