This represents the basic education of the cut, which goes from the basic theoretical notions to the realization of the molds, with a simple and fast method, which allows us to create any cut. The program includes the study of geometry applied to the head and all the knowledge necessary for the development of the 4 basic shapes, each elaborated in several versions and with different manufacturing options, then deepened with the assembly of the same in order to obtain the shapes of finished cut. Course performed with step by step method.

What it is: A complete “basic” cutting course.

Objective: To learn and realize the 4 basic shapes.

Contents: Theoretical knowledge of geometry and realization of basic cutting shapes through scientific systems and methods.

Who is it for: Expert collaborators.

Duration: 6 days Start: 10.00 / End: 17.00

Material to bring: Scissors, razor, comb, flat brush, spray bottle, clips or clothespins, various drying brushes, hairdryer.

Number of participants: Max 15 people.