Vitha Hair Cult was created to provide professional hair care thanks to a line of products of the highest quality.
The name of the company is inspired by that of its founder Vitaliano Marotta, an entrepreneur with a long experience in hair cosmetics, who, together with internationally experienced hair stylists such as Vito Esposito, Luigi Tufano, Donato Guida and Angelo Di Maio, able to create a strong, elegant and reliable brand. But it also evokes the life, energy and desire for renewal that the hair style sector has long seemed to require.
Our mission is to bring the hair back to being not only a fundamental element in the aesthetic representation of the individual, but also a real object of worship. A very human, pagan cult, able to finally put man and woman at the center in their full will for self-realization.

The very essence of Vitha Hair Cultis taken from nature to create a wide range of colors that achieve maximum coverage and shine through research and innovation. The CHROMEXSTASY Vitha Line contains Nutricomplex, a combination of four elements natural: aloe, to soothe the scalp; almond oil, due to the action of its softening agents; argan oil, to ensure high hydration; keratin, to restore the hair shaft. The products of this line are able to satisfy everyone, from the most traditional customers to those who like to keep up to date with fashion and new trends.



Beauty starts from the head: this is the concept that indissolubly binds all the lines and all our communication. A well-groomed and healthy head is the first step to feeling good. From the head start the decisions that everyone makes when deciding which product to rely on. And Vitha is the best choice for those who love themselves and want to take proper care of their hair. Because Vitha is a kind of divinity, a supernatural entity who knows how to take care of hair. And it does so thanks to the alchemical union of forces of nature and technology which, skilfully combined, give life to unique and peculiar creations. Products that can best meet the needs of customers with a strong disposition, enclosing style, elegance, personality. In one word: VIT (H) A.

A sweet sound, which recalls Zen sensations, attributable to natural balance: it is that of XSéNZ, a name that contains various meanings.

In the first place, the Essence, understood both as an extract of odorous substance (fruity tones) and as a distinctive character of a thing, substance, fundamental element; but also in its most philosophical sense, that is “what a thing is for, so it cannot be another thing”.

And then there is the Sensation, the elemental reaction of the consciousness determined by a stimulus, like a feeling of pleasure, of joy, of sweetness. Finally, applied to the senses, the 10 (X), which suggests an experiential doubling of our 5 senses.